Torpedo Factory Alexandria Virginia

Meet The Artists
Introduce yourself to a community of great artists. Some of them are known worldwide, many of them exhibit internationally, and all of them have been selected to join The Torpedo Factory Art Center by panels of distinguished art experts. You are invited to talk with the artists about their art.
See The Artists At Work In Their Studios
Witness the process of creativity. With three floors of more than 160 artiste in 83 studios at work here, you can see sculpture, painting, jewelry drawing, fiber, stemec! glass, printmaking, ceramics, enameling, photography and more. All of the artwork on display are original creations made here every day.
Browse The Galleries
Visit the five "cooperative" galleries displaying artwork from hundreds of to national artists. Visit the Target Gallery too. It is a prestigious location fi thematic shows and contemporary artwork of all types from around the w< hows ch*ge monthly.
Take A Class At The Art League School
of the area's most respected visual arts education programs. The An taught by accomplished professionals. The school provides day. evening fces, along with workshops for all age groups.

Our Mission: Torpedo Fatter irfeif Association
The Torpedo Factory Artists' Association operates this arts institution, in cooperation with the city of Alexandria, where artists representing all disciplines of fine arts and fine crafts are afforded space in which the public can observe and discuss the working processes, with the goal of enhancing their art appreciation and education.

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Torpedo Factory Art Center

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