Rosslyn Washington DC Metro

the visitor center: "Rosslyn is a Washington Metro station in the business district of Rosslyn, in Arlington, Virginia. It is the station where the Blue and Orange Lines converge going east into Washington, D.C.; in the opposite direction, they split, the Blue Line heading south and the Orange Line west, with a transfer allowed between them. It is also scheduled to be on the Silver Line route, which is expected to start operations in 2012.[1] Westbound, the Silver Line will split from the Blue Line, but continue with the Orange Line at this stop.

Service began on July 1, 1977 with the extension of the Blue Line to National Airport. Orange Line service to the station began upon the line's opening on November 20, 1978.

Rosslyn is the only station outside of Washington, D.C. to rank among the top ten by daily ridership

The station has entrances on the west side of North Moore Street between Wilson Boulevard and 19th Street North and on the east side of Fort Myer Drive between Wilson Boulevard and 19th Street North. A street elevator to the mezzanine (upper) level of the station is on the east side of North Moore Street, across the street from the Metro station entrance. The station is a stop for several express Metrobus lines, including the 5A to Dulles International Airport and L'Enfant Plaza.

As the neighborhood is situated on a bluff overlooking the Potomac River, while the shared rail line into Washington passes through a rock-bored tunnel, Rosslyn station is quite deep—the deepest on the Orange and Blue Lines. Its platform lies some 97 vertical feet below street level (though its ceiling is nearly 60 feet high). It features the third longest continuous escalator in the world, at 205 feet 8 inches; an escalator ride between the street level and the mezzanine level takes 159 seconds.

Rosslyn station, along with the Pentagon station, has an unusual layout; westbound trains service a platform which is one level below the mezzanine-level platform for eastbound trains. This feature allows for the separate tracks of the Orange and Blue lines to converge and diverge without requiring an at-grade crossing."

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Rossyln Station, Washington Metro

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