Some people at Aztalan met violent deaths. Whether those deaths are the result of warfare is a different question. Since the early 1900s, it has been suggested that warfare and cannibalism were important factors at Aztalan, and may have led to the disintegration of the society. However, of the burials found, only one contains clear evidence of violent death )an arrow embedded in one person's temple). The reason that cannibalism is tied to warfare is the assumption that individuals being eaten are enemies of the war captives. Evidence for cannibalism comes from the fragmentary nature of many of the human bones found, cut marks on bones, and the location of human bones in garbage pits. However, this evidence does not "prove" that flesh was consumed or that these folks were enemies. There are many common Mississippian mortuary practices that include processing of bodies, often as a sign of respect for and tracking of ancestors.
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Aztalan State Park, WisconsinAztalan State Park


Aztalan was first settled around 900 by a Native American culture known as the Middle Mississippian Tradition..

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