Princess Burial Mound
Ancient people built this mound to mark a young woman's grave. The mound was the last in a line that once bordered the western side of the ancient community of Aztalan and the only one that contained a burial. Her community placed the young woman on her back, hands at her sides. In a pit dug down to a natural layer of white sand. they carefully wrapped her body with three six inch wide and four feet long beaded belts place at her shoulders, waist and feet. Hundreds of disc shaped bead made from local clamshell and tubular beads made from shells imported from the Gulf Coast adorned he belts. She was then covered with soil, a layer of white sand and a large mound of earth. Because of ornate belts and careful placement of her remains, the internment has been referred to as the "princess Burial"
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Aztalan Museum near Aztalan State Park and Fort.

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