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Bloodletting Devices
These bloodletting devices were used In the practice of bleeding to restore the proper balance of "humors" In the body and, in theory, Improve the health of the patient. Each device was designed in specific ways to make taking blood from a patient easier. The fleam, scarificator, and lancet were designed to cut the veins open for bleeding, while a glass-cupping device was used to draw a large amount of blood to the surface of a vein.
The fleam, with 3 handles or blades, was designed for someone of all skill levels. Each handle was of a differing size. The blades were then driven in with a mallet or similar device. The fleam was also used when a particularly large cut was needed.
The lancet was an improvement over the fleam, as it was spring loaded arid made a more precise arid quicker cut. Lancets were small enough to be carried and often had cases made of tooled leather.
The scarificator was the most advanced of the three devices and was meant to make multiple cuts through a spring-loaded set of blades that could range from 6 to 20, though most devices were about 13 blades. The depth of the cut could he-adjusted up or down depending on the patient
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