Smithsonian Natural History Museum

The museum was established in 1910, with its building designed by Hornblower & Marshall. The building, designed in the neoclassical architectural style, was the first constructed on the north side of the National Mall, along Constitution Avenue, as part of the 1901 McMillan Commission plan. In 2000, Kenneth E. Behring donated $80 million to the museum and in 1997 donated $20 million to modernize it.

Admission to the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History is free and no tickets are required for entrance to the museum. National Museum of Natural History programs are also free unless otherwise noted.

For general Smithsonian Institution visitor information, including maps, transportation options, and other tips for visiting, please call (202) 633-1000 or TTY (202) 357-1729.

Photography is allowed in all exhibitions except where otherwise indicated. The use of tripods is not permitted inside the museum unless permission is granted by the museum's Public Affairs Office. Tripods may be used on the museum's grounds.

Street Address
The Museum is located at the intersection of 10th Street and Constitution Ave., NW in Washington, D.C. 20560

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Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History

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