Robert E. Lee Boyhood Home

Washington Rochambeau Route Alexandria Encampment
This information sign is located on the Corner of Washington St & Oronoco Street, right near the Robert E. Lee Boyhood Home.
"Most of the American and French armies set sail from three ports in Maryland, Annapolis, Baltimore, and Head of Elk in mid-Sept, 1781 to besiege the British army in Yorktown. The allied supply-wagon train proceeded overland to Yorktown, its itinerary divided into segments called "Marches." Its "Fourth March" was from Georgetown to Alexandria; the wagons took two days, 24-25 Sept., to cross the Potomac and reunite in Virginia. The Alexandria camp was roughly
a half-mile in area, located north of Oronoco Street and bisected by Washington Street. The train left Alexandria on 26 Sept. Department of Historic Resources, 1998"

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Robert E. Lee Childhood home.

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