Ohiopyle Falls Area
This area was originally a hunting ground for the Delaware, Shawnee and Iroquois Indians who name it "Ohiopehelle", meaning water whitened by froth. The Youghiogheny River was named "Yohoghany" by the Indians, meaning a stream flowing in a roundabout course.
In 1754, on his way to what is now Pittsburgh, George Washington came through here looking for a water route for his troops and supplies, but abandoned the idea upon reaching the falls. At this point, the elevation of the riverbed drops over 90 feet in one mile. The peninsula of land across the river from the falls is Ferncliff which is a unique ecological niche in this region. Ferncliff visitors may use up  to four mils of nature trails to explore the peninsula. Settlers moved into the area about 1800, and since then the settlement has been renamed "pile city", in 1856, when the first post office opened. "Falls city" in 1871 and "Ohiopyle" in 1887. Ohiopyle was incorporated as a borough in 1891. Industries here have included salt works, coal mining, a saw mill, a pulp mill, a spoke factory, a "shook" (barrel components) factory, a grist mill, a tannery and a water wheel powered electric generating plant.

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Ohiopyle State Park and City of Ohiopyle


Falls City became Ohiopyle in 1891. It is located on the Youghiogheny River.

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