Manassas City Visitor Center

Although Manassas is today served by major highways, much , of its history has been determined by ribbons of steel, rather than asphalt. The railroad has had a profound impact on transportation, population growth, the local economy, and the community's social fabric. From the mid-19th century to the present day, the wail of a train whistle has been a familiar sound.
Some features associated with the railroad, such as steam locomotives, water towers and coal bunkers, have disappeared with changing technology. Others, like the "white" and "colored" designation of waiting rooms in this building, are also relics of a bygone era. Yet some reminders of the railroad's legacy, including houses built by railroad postal clerks along Prescott Avenue and the Depot's basic floor plan, remain. Diesel locomotives of the Virginia Railway Express, Amtrak, and Norfolk Southern are the successors to their steam-driven ancestors.
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