Manassas City Visitor Center

Orange & Alexandria and Manassas Gap Railroads
When the Orange & Alexandria and Manassas Gap Railroads joined here in the 1850s, they transformed the village of Tudor Hall into Manassas Junction, This act created a long-sought transportation link between the Shenandoah Valley to the west and Washington, DC to the east.
It also made the region a major strategic objective when the Civil War began in 1861. Almost overnight, this sleepy hamlet became an armed camp, as thousands of Confederate soldiers and requisitioned slaves built a ring of earthen forts to guard the junction.
Two of the Civil War's most significant battles were fought here for control of the railroad. These conflicts, and four years of occupation by Union and Confederate troops, devastated the region. When finally the guns fell silent, the community once again looked to the railroad for the promise of a prosperous future.
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