Manassas City Visitor Center

Col. Philip St. George Cocke

Early in May 1861, Col. Philip St. George Cocke arrived here to refine plans for the fortification of Manassas Junction, which had already begun. Confederate President Jefferson Davis had directed Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard, the "Hero of Fort Sumter," to take command of the forces here and direct the construction of the fortifications. In three months, thirteen earthwork forts, numerous rifle pits, and a network of connecting trenches were built to protect the railroad and the army's base surrounding the junction.
"Spades and pickaxes [were] so disgustingly plentiful that the mere sight of them was enough to send men to the hospital." - Diary of Henry C. Monier, 10th Louisiana Infantry
"I frequently strolled down to the Junction, to watch the progress of our preparations. A large redoubt about half a mile long, and a quarter wide had been erected. It was at least ten feet high, and as many wide on top, with a large ditch in front. ... There were several smaller batteries placed in front on elevations, and the works altogether seemed formidable enough to protect the depot and stores, should the enemy penetrate so far."

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