Manassas Bull Run Museum

Oxen Yoke, ca. 1850
Gift of Mrs. Helen E. Spies

Iron Fireplace Trammel, ca. 1770 Pots and kettles were hung on this crane and swung into a
fireplace for cooking. Used at Snow Hill, an 18th-century farm near Haymarket, Virginia. Gift of Mrs. Viola Latham
Broad Axe and Adze
Used to shape logs and beams in house or barn construction.
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. B. Oswald Robinson

Ancestor of the brace and bit and modern power drill.
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. B. Oswald Robinson

Cross-cut Saw, ca. 1850
Used by the Marsteller family of western Prince William
Gift of the Heffner/Marsteller Family

Cooper's Adze
A specialized tool used to make kegs, casks, and barrels.
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. B. Oswald Robinson

Used to split oak slabs into shingles. Found at Blooms farm (now in Manassas Park).
Gift of Mrs. R. Jackson Ratcliffe

Apple Butter Stirrer
Gift of* Mr. B.E Wood

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Manassas Bull Run Museum

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