20090904 Holland America Zaandan Alaska Cruise Day 1

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Do you think you are going to get free internet access? Don't be naive. This ship is trying to make money and not provide any services that you are not paying for in some way. They keep the initial cost down by adding on additional services later on. Nothing like having a captive audiance to be able to charge high fees for what you would think would be a standard service. Forget about your email and screw Holland America.

Internet Cafe Located inside the Exploration Cafe, on deck 5 midship and open 24 hours a day. Select the "Login" icon on the desktop. Follow the login instructions to identify yourself in the system and choose from one of the pricing options on the screen. 250 minute plan ($100) $0.40 per minute or 100-Minute plan for $55 which is $0.55 per minute. Pay as you gO: $0.75 per minute.

WIRELESS ACCESS: Please note: the signal in the staterooms may be very low or even not available at times so the WiFi usage inside the cabins it's not indicated Once you are in range of the Wireless signal, simply connect to the broadcasted network
ACTIVATION FEE: One-time account activation fee of S3.95 applies to all users on the first login only.
E-MAIL™: Our unique e-mail service was created for those guests who do not have their own e-mail or are unable to access their own service provider. There is an additional charge of S3.95 for each "outgoing" message sent RENTAL LAPTOPS: A limited supply of rental laptops are available, complimentary with the purchase of a time plan. See the Internet Manager for details. Printing is $0.25 per page

You will be automatically billed to your shipboard account

Upon each login your remaining time will be displayed Ado the logout window that appears when logged in. click on "Time Remaining" and you will see a display of how much time you have left. When using your laptop, please ensure your pop-up blocker is disabled.
Each time yon log-in you will be given the option to purchase additional time. Should you choose not to purchase additional time as a courtesy upon the time plan's expiry. any additional minutes will be automatically extended at the time pian's per minute rate This will avoid sudden termination.

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