A Secret Grave
Major General Edward Braddock, Commander in Chief of British forces in North America, traveled over the road trace in the gully below, on June 25, 1755. Marching norht with his 2,400 man army, the 60 year old Braddock was under order to capture Fort Duquesne and force the French from the Upper Ohio Valley.
However, disaster struck a few miles from Fort Duquesne on July 9th. There they collided with about 200 French and 600 Indians. Disorganization and fear seived the British as they suffered about 900 casualties, more than half of them kiilled out of 1,400 engaged. Braddock himself was mortally wounded.
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A Secret Grave

Why was General Braddock buried in his own road? Why put a grave in a road?.

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