April 1754
Lt. Colonel George Washington marches from Alexandria, Virginia to the frontier with 132 Virginia militia under order from Virginia Lt. Governor Robert Dinwiddie. Washington's mission is to occupy and defend the Upper Ohio Valley against a French force advancing south from Canada.

May 28, 1754
Ensign Joseph Coulon de Jumonville and 31 French troops skirmish with 40 Virginia militia under Washington and about 12 Indians. Ten French are killed, including Jumonville and 21 are captured, including one wounded. One man escapes and reports the attack, to become known as the "Jumonville Affair."

July 3, 1754
About 600 French and 100 Indians under Captain Louis Coulon de Villers, Jumonville's brother surround Washington's command  of almost 400 British at Fort Necessity. After a day of fighting, the British surrender and are allowed to march away; the French  burn Fort Necessity on July 4.

Major General Edward Braddock leads about 2,400 British troops, including 400 colonial militia from Alexandria, Virginia to expel the French from Fort Duquesne. His troops improve Washington's road of 1754 and extend it to the Monongahela River near preset day Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

July 9, 1755
Braddock's army is defeated by the French and their Indian allies at the Battle of the Monongahela near Fort Duquesne. Braddock is mortally wounded and dies on July 13 during the British retreat. He is buried in the middle of Braddock Road about one mile West of Fort Necessity.

Why was he buried in the road? So that, as the troops and wagons passed over the grave, all trace of its location was lost and his body would not be found by the Indians and possibly defiled.

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General Braddock's Grave, Braddock's Road



Why was General Braddock buried in his own road? Why put a grave in a road?.

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