The Great Meadows Campaign

The Great Meadows Campaign marked the first active united action on the part of the colonies. Here soldiers from Virginia and South Carolina fought together against a common foe. Troops from New York and North Carolina were marching to reinforce them. Pennsylvania voted 19,000 pounds to aid the expedition. while Massachusetts sent troops north to harass the French. Thus more than half of the colonies engaged in this campaign.
This site of the Battle of Fort Necessity was always dear to the heart of George Washington. In 1769 He purchased this farm of 234 acres on which the battle took place and held it to the time of his death. He described it in his will as follows: "This land is valuable on account of its local situation and other properties. It affords an exceeding good stand on Braddock's Road from Fort Cumberland to Pittsburg. Beares a fertile soil. Possesses a large quantity of natural meadow fit for the scythe. It is distinguished by the appellation of the great meadows where the first action with the French in the year 1754 was fought.
Here July 3rd 1754, Lieutenant colonel George Washington fought his first battle which marked the beginning of the French and Indian War in America and started the Seven Years War in Europe. "A cannon shot fired in the woods of America." Said Voltaire, "Was the signal that set all Europe in a blaze." This war affected not only England and France but Russia, Prussia, Austria, Sweden and other Continental powers. It gave Lord Clive the opportunity of winning India from the French, made Canada a British possession, wrested this western territory from the French and the burden of taxes imposed on the colonies to pay for this war had an important part in bringing on the American War For Independence.

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Fort Ligonier The Great Meadows Campaign


Battle of Fort Necessity.

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