Farragut Park

Numerous places and things are named in remembrance of Admiral Farragut:

Admiral Farragut Academy is a college preparatory school with Naval training founded in 1933 by Navy Admirals in Pine Beach, New Jersey. In 1945 the current and now only campus opened in St. Petersburg, Florida. In 1946 it was designated by Congress as a Naval Honor School.[5]
Farragut, Tennessee, Admiral Farragut's hometown of Campbell's Station (see Battle of Campbell's Station), Tennessee, was renamed Farragut when it became incorporated in 1982. Admiral Farragut was actually born at Lowe's Ferry on the Holston (now Tennessee) River a few miles southeast of the town, but at that time Campbell's Station was the nearest settlement.
Farragut High School was built at Admiral Farragut's home town of Campbell's Station (now Farragut) in 1904. Today Farragut High School, boasting nearly 2,500 students, is one of the largest schools in Tennessee. The school's colors are blue and white, and its sporting teams are known as "The Admirals."
Farragut Field is a sports field at the United States Naval Academy.
Farragut Career Academy in Chicago, Illinois is a high school in the Chicago Public Schools system that was founded in 1894. The school displays an oil painting of the admiral, presented to the school by the Farragut Post of the Grand Army of the Republic in 1896.
Farragut, Iowa is a small farming town in southwestern Iowa. Admiral Farragut's famous slogan greets visitors from a billboard on the edge of town. The local school, Farragut Community High School, fields varsity "Admiral" and JV "Sailor" teams. The school also houses memorabilia from the ships that have borne the Farragut name.
Five US Navy destroyers have been named USS Farragut, including two class leaders.
In World War II the United States liberty ship SS David G. Farragut was named in his honor.
Farragut Square, a park in Washington, D.C.; the square lends its name to two nearby Metro stations: Farragut North and Farragut West.
Two U.S. postage stamps: the $1 stamp of 1903 and a $0.32 stamp in 1995.
$100-dollar Treasury notes, also called Coin notes, of the Series 1890 and 1891, feature portraits of Farragut on the obverse. The 1890 Series note is called a $100 Watermelon Note by collectors, because the large zeroes on the reverse resemble the pattern on a watermelon.
David Glasgow Farragut High School is the U.S. Department of Defense High School located on the Naval Station in Rota, Spain. Their sporting teams are also known as "The Admirals".
Farragut Career Academy in Chicago; its sporting teams are also known as the Admirals. NBA star Kevin Garnett attended Farragut Career Academy.
Farragut Parkway in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York.
Farragut Middle School in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York.
A grade school in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.
A grade school (PS 44) in the Bronx.
Farragut State Park in Idaho, which was used as a naval base for basic training during World War II.
A hotel in Minorca at Cala'n Forcat.
A bust in full Naval regalia on the top floor of the Tennessee State Capitol.
Admiral Farragut condominium on waterway in Coral Gables, Florida.
A monument is located off Northshore Drive in Concord, Tennessee. The monument reads "BIRTHPLACE OF ADMIRAL FARRAGUT/BORN JULY 5, 1801 . . . DEDICATED BY ADMIRAL DEWEY, MAY 15, 1900".

Madison Square Park, New York City, by Augustus Saint Gaudens, 1881, replica in Cornish, New Hampshire, 1994
Farragut Square, Washington D.C., by Vinnie Ream, 1881
Marine Park, Boston Massachusetts, by Henry Hudson Kitson, 1881
Hackley Park, Muskegon, Michigan, by Charles Niehaus, 1900
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Farragut Park, Washington D.C.

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