Ellwood Manor of Fredericksburg Virginia

Years of Trial Ellwood in the Civil War
One of the most prominent secessionist families in the region, the Lacys dared not test the politeness of Union invaders. When the Yankee army first arrived here in 1862, Betty Jones Lacy pocked the family furniture and from both Ellwood and Chatham and dually migrated to southwest Virginia. Major J. Horace Lacy was captured by Union troops near Ellwood in the spring of 1862. He was soon exchanged and served out the war in various staff positions.
After the Lacys' departure, a family named Jones and a handful of slaves occupied Ellwood. Still, the house saw hard times. In 1863, Confederates used it as a hospital after Chancellorsville; in November 1863, Union troops looted the library; and in May 1864, the house would serve as a Union headquarters during the Battle of the Wilderness. By war's end the place was a wreck. The Lacys returned to Ellwood in 1872 and remained until the 1890s.
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Ellwood Manor Fredericksburg

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