Chatham Manor of Fredericksburg Virginia

Chatham Manor of Fredericksburg Virginia
This expansive estate and its impressive Georgian dwelling have dominated Stafford Heights overlooking Fredericksburg for over two centuries. William Fitzhugh, a wealthy landowner from Virginia's Northern Neck, completed construction of his new residence in 1771 and named It la honor of William Pitt, the Earl of Chatham. Fitzhugh and subsequent ante-bellum owners of Chatham managed a large plantation employing as many as one hundred slaves. After the war. Chatham's. lead was gradually sold until the property amounted to only thirty acres of . landscaped grounds and formal gardens. Thus by the early 20th century, the estate had become a country home for the well-to-do. Industrialist and philanthropist John Lee Pratt willed Chatham to the National Park Service in 19?5 in order that its historical significance and beautiful setting could be enjoyed by the public, now and in the future.
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